Friday, October 27, 2017

Recent Press!


Thought I'd pop in real quick to highlight a few articles I've written on up & coming fashion!

I had the privilege and honor of attending both 2016 and 2017 Bellevue Fashion Weeks and writing about them for Downtown Bellevue's website.

Man, there is SO MUCH happening in Bellevue right now. Center of the action!

Anywho, here are the pieces:

2016 Bellevue Collection Runway Show

2017 Posh Party Trend Show

As always, let me know if you want to book a shopping session

Monday, May 16, 2016


You guys!!! It's been a wild few months!

First and most importantly of all -- I am super famous. For reals!!

Here's a recap from my Facebook post:

"A few weeks ago, it was an ordinary Monday morning and I received an email from Colleen O'Brien, a reporter for KIRO Radio (a popular radio station in Seattle). She had seen the spoils of a recent thrift store styling session on one of my client's Instagram accounts and wanted to do a story on me! After several weeks of communication, she tagged along during a styling session with another client at the Goodwill in Shoreline. We did an interview, talked self love and compassion, pulled some pieces from the racks, tried on some winners (and some losers) and generally had a blast together!

Fast forward to Monday morning, April 18, during which I had one of the proudest moments of my personal career. While in Green Bay with some of my favorite people, I listened to the story air on live radio! We all cried. It was a glowing review of my styling session and my skills. Radio gold, as Jason calls it. And it ended squarely on my bottom line: Inspiring self love through fashion.

So basically: I'm FAMOUS!! Let me know if you want my autograph and/or if you want to shop with me. Cause I'm REALLY good. Srsly. Also: Ordinary Monday mornings can be little miracles waiting to happen."

Here's the KIRO Radio spot! Here's the My Northwest print article!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Living the dream! So happy!!

Monday, November 9, 2015


Reapplying sunscreen. Drinking pina coladas. Eating quesadillas with huge spoonfuls of fresh guacamole. Walking around barefoot. Drinking margaritas. Jumping in the pool. Chatting with new friends in beach chairs that overlook the ocean. Dancing into the wee hours. Swimming to the bar to get a cerveza. Reading a trashy novel. Taking three showers a day. Completely losing track of time. 

Mexico, you were glorious! Thank you for being hot and humid and never letting any of our clothes get fully dry. We had a marvelous time in your sun with your people under your palm trees. 

Peep on to get a photo tour of our 9 wonderful days of vacation...

Starting the trip with a smoothie

Virtually empty

We're here!


Entertainment: Beatles cover band complete with go-go dancers

The bride and groom!

Grocery shopping for Sayulita!

Tequila. Duh.



The terrace off the party mansion in Sayulita


The secret beach

From the tippity top

The most romantical place for dinner

So, naturally, we dined there

Rita, the resident kitty

See that house on the hill and the other two white houses? Yep, the party mansion

Some of the crew in search of tacos and margs

Jason and the ladies

The wedding spot. So pretty!

Pals for lyfe!



A cheese burrito, you guys

A total stud, basically

Getting ready to rumble!

Finished! Drag lashes and all :)

The prettiest bride in all the land


The 'maids!

One of my besties

Dancing MVPs of the week

Such a gorgeous venue!


So fierce!

The bride and her abuela


Bye Mexico! Wahhhhhhhhh

This week's wardrobe theme is Fall Favorites! I look forward to pulling out some of my most favorite fall staples -- flannels, wine-colored dresses, tweed, plaid, boots! Should be a good one!