Monday, June 30, 2014

First Classin' It Up

You guys, first class is the way to go. I did everything I could to indulge. I ate salted nuts and a dinner of ravioli and salad (real good, actually) and warm chocolate chip cookies. I drank 3 glasses of wine and iced water (duh) and Bailey's and coffee. I watched two movies on a free digi-player! It was the best! I felt like I was in my living room the entire time. I only took one photo from the sky:

This was also a weekend of selfies. I took SO MANY SELFIES. My grandparents now know how to take selfies! Here's just a few:

These two (front & center) have been married for 60 years!

Three generations. So much love.

In honor of our trip to Africa (we're leaving on Friday!), this week is devoted to animal prints. This is my pick for today:

Rawr! I need a haircut.
It feels like summerrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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