Thursday, December 11, 2014

Every Body's Different

The intention was good for today's outfit (it is tucked in, after all), but the proportions are mixed up. I like to tell people that if you're experimenting and being creative with your clothes and you happen to have a bad outfit day at work, well then it's the perfect place to do so since mostly everyone knows you and pretty much no one is going to judge you. So if you have a slight miss (or even a major one), it's really no big deal. You just try again tomorrow and everyone forgets about it.

So, here's my slight miss for the day: I love the harem pant trend (pants that are baggy on top, but taper at the bottom) and I think it works well for many body types (mine included), but the silhouette has to be perfect. This means that you gotta show some ankle and some wrist for everyone to see that you're not hiding huge arms or huge legs underneath all that fabric. With just a peek of your smallest parts (ankle and wrist), you give the illusion that your body is super lean all over and therefore, we assume the pant is just the pant and not your body (and thus, the bigger parts that you don't want to highlight are camouflaged).

As you can see in the photo below, my ankles are hidden by the fabric of the pant which are too long and pool at the bottom of my leg. This makes me look much shorter than I would if the pant leg were raised a tad to show just the slightest bit of my ankle. I get a decent leg line in this photo because I chose to wear shoes that come to a point so as to elongate the line from my waist down to my toes which make my legs look like they're longer than they are. That's also where the tucking in is key: you create a shorter waist and a longer leg by pulling the pant up to the natural waist and tucking in. My office mate also has these pants, but she's about 3 inches taller than I am and her legs account for most of that difference. These pants look completely different on her. You can clearly see her ankles and she often tucks into the pant with a tank and a long cardigan over the top. It makes her look super tall and lean with long legs.

Now, all that being said, some people can pull the harem-pant-with-no-ankles-showing look like the model below. She's wearing very similar items to the ones that I'm wearing (shoes included) and yet, she looks much slimmer, taller, and the proportions are more balanced on her. So maybe everything I said is crap and you look perfect in this crazy silhouette without all of the modifications that I have to make to accommodate for my body type.


Blouse: Target
Pants: Aritzia 
Shoes: TJ Maxx
Necklace: H&M

The tiniest leopard print and the prettiest bow necklace

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