Tuesday, December 2, 2014

T-Giving Weekend

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Happy Belated Thanksgiving Weekend! Happy December! There's a lot to be happy about. Here's a quick glance at my weekend:

The colorful trees at my in-laws place on Thanksgiving

The bartender kept our drinks full throughout the day

Wearing my nephew's tie - a perfect match

Jason and I went to Camano Island on Saturday after Thanksgiving (it's about 90 minutes north of Seattle) for a little weekend getaway. He turned 31 on Sunday, so we got outta town for a few days to celebrate!

Puffy guy in a swivel chair

Well hello there

The beach that our B&B was on

Buddha with an apple looked profound

A twilight walk on the beach

Breakfast in bed for Jason's birthday!

"Yay! I'm 31!"

We stopped at the market on way home

Downtown Seattle at Christmastime is delightful

Monday night sunset

This week is Stretchy Fabrics Week. I know, I know, it's definitely not the best named wardrobe theme week that we've had, but it gets the point across, ya know? And it's the week after Thanksgiving, so we had to work that in somehow.

I went with a simple, streamlined look today. I found this sweater stuffed in the way back of my closet, so I thought I'd pair it with my new eggplant cropped pants from Target (a new $14 find last week). I added the striped shirt to work some bold blue in the mix - I thought black would be too predictable. I find this to be the most fun thing about getting dressed: You can try anything you want! I may never do this combo again, but I love the element of creativity and spontaneity with clothes. You can be whomever want: Super hipster, preppy chic, classic bohemian, ultra dressy, sweet tomboy, sexy librarian...! Anything! Anything you want.

Sweater: Thrifted
Shirt: Thrifted
Pants: Target
Shoes: JCPenney
Scarf: JCPenney

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