Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Fam

Something I have learned about myself in the last week: I am not good at regularly posting on this blog when my family is in town.

But my family! They're in town! Have I told you that? My aunt (she's more like my older sister), my uncle (he's a dead ringer for George Clooney), and their three kids (my cousins). How I love that we use almost every hour of the day (and night) talking and laughing and doing and seeing and being together! I am exhausted and happy. It's nice to spend time with my people. Here are some photos of what we've been up to over the last few days:

So much junk food to float on!

Jet-skiing :)

A family picture with the Seattle skyline

Jason and Carys have such a sweet connection!

Downtown Seattle from the Space Needle

I also wanted to update you on our anniversary dinner. We had such a great night! We had a lovely, 13-course, 4-hour dinner to celebrate our very satisfying 4 years as a married couple. The restaurant was pretty relaxed, but they interrupted us a lot! Probably because there were so many courses to get through. Let me take you through it:

What I wore: Dress is J.Crew and it's thrifted for $8

Married for 4 years already?!

The restaurant had an angel looking over us

First course: Caviar and smashed potatoes

Second course: Beef crudo (raw beef)

Ninth course: Tenderloin and other stuff

Twelfth course: Delicious cake & a studly husband!

This week, we're all about flowers. It's Florals Week!  (Jason got me these flowers for our anniversary)

On Monday, I went with a punch of color and (surprise, surprise), my trusty jean jacket. I LOVE vintage blouses that tie at the neck and this one really does it for me.

Jacket: Thrifted (Gap) -- $10
Blouse: Vintage -- $2
Skirt: H&M -- $7
Shoes: Thrifted (DV) -- $8
Outfit Total: $27

On Tuesday, I wore the prettiest floral print on a new kimono from Nordstrom Rack. Honestly, I can't really figure out the best shirt to wear under the kimono. Any ideas? How would you style this piece? I went for a bohemian look with a wispy white tee and Birkenstocks.

Kimono: Nordstrom Rack -- $36
Blouse: Aritzia -- $40
Pants: PacSun -- $20
Shoes: Birkenstocks -- $135
Outfit Total: $231

Yesterday, I wore one of my favorite dresses. I rescued it from a roommate who was about to donate it to Goodwill! It was midi length (which was uncool 6 years ago), so I cut it to better fit my figure and VOILA! One of my favorite dresses was born!

Dress: Free!
Cardigan: Benetton -- $8
Shoes: Calvin Klein -- $60
Outfit Total: $68

Today, I'm wearing a pretty lavender sweater (with a floral print!) to complement white jeans. Super summery! 

Sweater: Thrifted (American Eagle) -- $8
Pants: Citizens of Humanity -- $180
Shoes: Taos -- $160
Outfit Total: $348

Next week will be Grunge Week! Show me what you've got and tag #skathemeweeks on Facebook and Instagram (follow me at @sweetkellyanne)! And connect with me if you're interested in a styling consult or if you want to receive an email for my Wardrobe Theme Weeks! :)

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