Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oh Jessie

This morning, before I left for work, I asked Jason how I looked. Usually he says, "You look amazing" or "That's super sexy" or "I love your lipstick" or "Adorable." Not today. Today, he said, "You look like Jessie Spano."


And I was all excited, actually, because it's Grunge Week and that's pretty much exactly what I'm going for. Sort of. 

I mean, I'm going for grunge, but in the '90s. And Jessie is all '90s, so...I was flattered. Mostly. 

Anyways, I did kind of look like Jessie in a weird way, but you can judge that for yourself. 

Shirt: Halogen -- $60
 Tank: Target -- $16
Jeans: Citizens -- $180
Shoes: Birkenstocks -- $60
Outfit Total: $316

3-day old hair is grungy, right?

So not really Jessie, but sort of. Kind of. I mean, what?!

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