Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No Tigers in Africa

The countdown is waning - tomorrow will mark only one day until we leave for Africa. (a;ldkfja;sfkj;ak!! I have so much to do!!) Beyond my work load, I have tons of things to pack and prepare at home. While we're in the southern hemisphere (it's winter there, btw), I'll try my darnest to blog (and email and Instagram and Facebook), but it sounds like internet connections are never guaranteed. We're gonna be out in the Bush, fer goodness sakes! I know you guys are gonna be dying to see a crazy ass picture of a lion or giraffe or leopard. (!!)

As a side note, I learned today that we will not be seeing tigers on safari. Please see my shirt below as a reference. 

I love how the leather shoulder details balance out my shape.

Playing with some filters

The print is so fun! Thrift shop. You know it.

 A selfie for good measure.

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