Tuesday, July 29, 2014


You know something? I love a challenge. Especially when it comes to clothes. I really enjoy finding a crazy vintage piece or a wacky blouse that seems too old to ever be new again or a weird pair of pants on clearance at Target and completely transforming them into something modern. It's creativity at it's finest for me.

Take this skirt, for example. This skirt was in the Goodwill pile of my former roommate. (She had a habit of buying super cheap items from Ebay and then discarding them almost immediately when she discovered they weren't exactly what she wanted. Though, I think she bought this skirt at a consignment store.) It was ankle length (ewwwww) and, frankly, it was UGLY. But, seeing as I am an innovative thinker and I can often realize the value in a long-forgotten piece of clothing (which is why I love thrift shopping so much), I snatched up this skirt and decided to cut it right at the knee. I had a vision. And I just knew it would come out looking adorable.

Welp, I was right. Per usual. Adorable! Granted, when I first tried it on after the cut, Jason said I looked like a preschool teacher, but luckily, I ignored him and now I think this is one of the cutest vintage looks that I own. Eat your heart out, Jason!


So All-American, amiright?

Fits right in with Nautical Week!


  1. Red Toms? I have red Toms, tooooooo! Great skirt reinvention pal. xx - B