Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer in the City

It was so hot today. Seattle hit 90 degrees. The air conditioning went out at work. It was brutal. I am certainly not complaining about the weather (I went swimming tonight, after all!), but if I had to pick, I do like a little consistency.

I really wanted to wear a breathable outfit today, so I had to be a bit creative with animal print. It seems as though most of my prints are better suited for the winter (sweaters, long sleeve blouses, etc), so I had to pull out the embellishments.

Skirt is thrifted. Can you even believe it? Good find.

Still can't see the animal print?

There it is! Surprise!

I was so proud of this braid, I had to selfie the back of my head.

The pool we swam in tonight deserved a photo, too.

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