Monday, November 3, 2014


Another BEST WEEKEND EVER -- this time in Portland -- with my best gal pal and a lot of great food and a relatively bad movie and tons of gabbing and some shopping (for good measure). I always underestimate the value that a short weekend trip has on my psyche. I feel so much more relaxed come Monday morning! (It could also be the 1 hour time shift talking...)

Our bedroom at the Hotel Monaco in Portland. Such a gorgeous hotel!

We had a deluxe suite. It was sweeeeet!

The appetizers that kept us from eating our dinner

Fashion fail. Sorry Kel! I'm not the most perfect stylist ever

We did Voo Doo. Wouldn't you?

A huge ass (delicious) cinnamon roll

This week is Sweater Week and it's coinciding with fall weather's descent on Seattle. It's been rainy around here, but also balmy and quite temperate. Not bad for the first full day of regular standard time, if you ask me. Jason flies to San Fransisco tomorrow for his first work trip and I get a few nights at home alone (oh, the luxury!) to watch television and work on the launch of my business website. It's almost ready!

Sweater: Thrifted
Corduroys: Gap
Boots: Frye
Scarf: Target

My new favorite scarf

Cuteness overload: My nephew, Archer <3

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