Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Elbow Patches

These white pants are gettin' REAL tight, but I'm not willing to get a new pair yet. Hells no. I'm gonna squeeze into them until the button pops off! Hopefully, that's not soon 'cause I do love 'em. So versatile! I think they're starting to look unflattering, but I won't give up. (They look like tween girl pants when I take them out of the dryer.) And I got cold medicine all over this blouse, so it's going straight to Goodwill. Feels like I'm in the early 2000's when I wear it anyways.

I like the color combo and I love this blazer (elbow patches!), but I'm not feeling this outfit. Makes me feel frumpy. If I didn't have bone spurs, I would wear heels every day - especially with this combo. But the sporty look is so cute, non?

My throat is killing me today. Must not get sick. Send healing vibes, will you?

Blouse: Thrifted
Blazer: Thrifted (H&M)
Pants: Citizens of Humanity
Shoes: Converse

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