Sunday, September 13, 2015

Moving On Up

Y'all. We are finally out of Renton!

This was a particularly large piece of furniture for two of us

Slowly, slowly moving, moving

A wind storm blew out the condo power and we couldn't get in, so we slept here

YAY!! All done!!

No longer the place where we sleep

Kitchen is clean...RAWR

Closets are empty! After an amazingly long process

Nothing in the bathroom either!

We are SO HAPPY! Bye Renton!

And I've pretty much finished my Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Though, I didn't do the WHOLE, ENTIRE program. Mostly because the move kind of took over. I figure I'll go through my stuff multiple times in this process anyways.

13 bags for Buffalo Exchange, 22 discard bags in total

All in all, it was difficult for me to say goodbye to my things, even if they weren't items I loved. I knew some had to go, but I still had trouble. My rational brain just gets right in the way: "You may need this sometime!" "Don't give this up! What if it comes in handy even though you haven't touched it in 7 years?" "This could always come back into style. You never know!"

And I just got back from Savannah, Georgia for a dear friend's wedding. She was absolutely stunning. I'll post the pictures tomorrow! :)

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