Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Savannah Wedding

Y'all, I reckon my dear friend, Amber, had the prettiest southern wedding last week. On Wednesday morning, I flew to Savannah, Georgia at the butt crack of dawn (seriously: my flight departed at 5am) and I arrived just in time for the rehearsal dinner. A special thanks to my cab driver who graciously let me change my clothes and do my makeup in her cab. Always wanted to do that.

This is the outfit I started in (note the flannel)

Middle America

Flyin' over clouds

Savannah land

Birds eye view of the shipyard right before landing

The wedding site. So pretty :)

My rehearsal outfit...ironically bought in Savannah last time!

She's gorge and one of the kindest people I know. On point with the brows, too

Thursday was wedding time! I didn't realize it, but I ended up doing the majority of her hair that morning and I also styled her photo session. It was a long and beautiful day!

Makeup time!

Figuring out where to place the veil

Finishing touches

The final look with her bouquet

Their first look

They're REALLY first looking ;)

Such love and happiness!

Seriously, it was a like a Vogue fashion shoot

That dress

Can you believe she MADE her veil? True story.

So lovely

In the sweltering heat


Reception time!!

Their crest, African table runners, and WINE

My "I-got-ready-in-10 minutes" look complete w/Savannah frizz

We love each other.

Vintage reception dress. My favorite!

The night ended with a bang around 1am. They had such a fun dance party!! The next day, I went shopping. What else would you expect? Savannah has great shops! I've been there several times and I love to walk around the squares and the River Walk, sure, but I mostly want to shop. :)

True dat

After trying on lots of clothes and buying nothing more than a brie and apple sandwich for lunch (and macarons, I admit), we packed up the cars and drove south to Tybee Island which is basically the Georgia coast. First, I got a picture of the pineapple dress with the pineapple elevator. 

Our place on the beach in Tybee was so cute!

She's married now :)

My gear

That's pretty much the end of the trip. I ate breakfast the next morning and flew right out and back to Seattle.

I love cloud pictures :)

It was a lovely trip and I am so happy that I traveled to the other side of the country to see these two special people get married. Lifelong friends!

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