Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Best Manicure Ever and Other Stuff Too

Oh haiiiiiiiiiii!

You guys, I have been holed away doing nothing and everything for the past few weeks and, honestly? It's been amazing. Sometimes, a hiatus is just what you need to get your inspiration back. Maybe I should speak for myself: Sometimes, a hiatus is just what I need to get my inspiration back. And it worked! Truth is, I've been doing weekly wardrobe themes for almost 2 years now (or is it 3?!) and I just needed to dress spontaneously for a minute! I felt like I was losing myself in the theme weeks! But now I'm back. Ready to roll again. Better than ever! (Probably.)

Here's what's been happening since I've been gone:

Straightening my hairs

Reading new books - this one is fabulous!!

Spontaneous outfit

Peaceful, gloomy day

I went to San Francisco for a weekend in Sept to see some girlfriends!

A gorge day in SF

I bought a rad mug at the smallest shop in SF

Shopping with a (friendly) raccoon

Street art

The church on Dolores Park

Baker Beach! My new fave place in San Francisco

It was lovely

My gal pals

A little shopping was done

And dinner was had

And doughnuts were eaten

I had my first acai bowl - I don't know what all the fuss is about!

And I FINALLY went to Mr. Holme's Bakehouse!

I got baked in San Francisco, but I didn't get cruffins. {sad face}

Hm. Not entirely. Read my last post

Then, my bestie came to pick me up and we had tea!

I was properly dressed in a "Clothes Before Bros" muscle tee

Petit fours!

My adorable "nephew" Warren! Repping the Pack in Sac

He's seriously the cutest

We KonMari-ed the shit out of her closet

And then I came back and went to work again ;)

I did a little presentation for the students at Year Up

I was sweating balls here, I'm sure of it

A new dress I had to have even though it's fall

Plaid and stripes!

You guys, I've been in Seattle for 10 years! Here's my 10 year brunch :)

My squad

A cute picture of my parents and Archer at the zoo (in Milwaukee, not Seattle)

New, fun pants!! I love them

My friend Sarah visited and I just LOVE her!
Birks and socks and sweatpants and leaves. Don't hate

Coffee for two, please!

LEAVES!!!! They're everywhere and I love it so

Market flowers

We had the BEST time!

A midday treat

Go Minnesota Golden Gophers!

So happy about this thrifted turtleneck!
Another new sweater and thrifted pumps! ($8!)

Flowers blooming in Oct: Go figure Seattle

Pumpkin patch!

So cute. I can't even

PHEW! That was long.

ALSO. I've found the MOST LONG-LASTING AT-HOME MANICURE EVER. I just trialed it this week (with a super dark color) and it stayed on for 12 days. 12 days, you guys!!! No chips. Seriously the best manicure EVER. And you can use any polish you want! All it takes is the purchase of 2 different clear polishes -- a gel coat and a top coat. You can find all of the details here. You MUST try it. And you can take it off with regular polish remover and it doesn't damage your nails! Hallelujah! So perfect.

I'm off to Mexico next week for a dear friend's wedding! So, I'll be using my last week of blogging vacation to lay on the beach and drink margaritas and eat endless bowls of guacamole. Details in November with the return of Wardrobe Theme Weeks! Eeeeeee!