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Bravery, To Me

Bravery, to me, is engaging with the complexity of life. Being willing to see all the facets of our situations and knowing that most things are much more nuanced than they seem.  Bravery, to me, is doing something you fear while the fear sits right next to you and reminds you how deeply scared you are. Bravery, to me, is starting a new habit again. Even though you’ve tried to start a million times.  Bravery, to me, is continuing to access that deep reservoir of hope that lives within each of us, despite experiences that may deplete it.  Bravery, to me, is feeling your pain. Staying with it until its empties out completely. Bravery, to me, is examining our wounding and picking up our traumas to see what lives underneath. Bravery, to me, is speaking up against injustices. Wanting the world to be free of intolerance and prejudice — and using our voices to do it.  Bravery, to me, is questioning what we believe — and being willing to believe something different. 

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