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The Lesson of Letting Go

Hello dear readers.

I'm back after a super intense summer of profound self work and I need to write about it. Because writing deepens my understanding of the process and helps to soothe the parts of me that spin in anxiety about the process and the outcomes.

To start, you must know that I am quite a spiritual person who finds much meaning in life's experiences. I am also deep feeler, a romantic, a poet, a healer, a seeker, a softie. I am coming to a place where I can no longer be silent about the injustices of the world. And I don't want to be. I am a thought leader. I am a truth teller. I am a meaning maker. I am diplomatic, compassionate, emotive,
generous with my energy, my thoughts, and my ability to hold space for others.

I have been on this journey of self work and self healing for a while now, and shit got REAL in March when I realized I needed to focus on some attachment issues that were showing up. So, I emailed my therapist. (Side note: Thank goodness I have a t…

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