Thursday, August 20, 2015

All About Coral

Today, I went for a pop of coral-ish neon on an otherwise neutral palette. I love the taupe with the navy & coral. So pretty! I also love the look of the blouse tucked into the pants. Gotta see part of that crouch to make the leg line look longer!

Blouse: Thirfted (Halogen) -- $8
Pants: Target (sale) -- $13
Shoes: Thrifted (BP) -- $12
Necklace: Nordstrom -- $35
Outfit Total: $68

Next week is Prepster Week to celebrate (?!) back to school!! Remember to tag your outfits #skathemeweeks or #skas on Instagram (@sweetkellyanne) and Facebook! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Neck Pop

Neon Week! Slash Hump Day. I went with a bold necklace and an understated navy dress today. I bought the navy dress at a Vancouver thrift store for $5! Score! The look is more understated with a pair of casual sandals.

Dress: Thrifted (Joe Fresh) -- $5
 Necklace: H&M -- $12
Shoes: Ipanema -- $21
Outfit Total: $38

Morning light

Afternoon light

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


You guys. I hated my outfit today. As much as I tried to like it, I kept looking down at myself and thinking, "Why did I pair a sports bra (!?!?!?) with a floral top and nautical culottes?! And then a jean jacket and heels?! What?!" I mean, in theory, this works. High-waisted culotte pants, heels (to elongate the leg line), a cropped topped tucked in with a cropped jean jacket. Perfect on paper. But I don't think it translated into real life. That being said, Jason along with several of my coworkers really liked it. So...I guess everyone has their own taste. I just didn't quite feel like myself in this outfit.

Disclaimer: The sports bra was my pop of neon. I'm not sure it worked very well.

Jacket: Thrifted (Gap) -- $10
Tank: Forever 21 -- $8
Sports Bra: JCP -- $12
Culottes: Thrifted (vintage) -- $24
Shoes: Calvin Klein -- $60
Outfit Total: $114

See the neon? See? It was supposed to be clever and brilliant!

Morning light

Versus afternoon light

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Weekend Stagette

Whew! What a whirlwind of a weekend! I was in Vancouver, BC for a dear friend's bachelorette (or stagette, as they call it in Canada, eh?) weekend. How many years has it been since you've stayed out until 4am? For me, it's been...5 years? 7 years? 10 years? I can't remember. I'm not one to stay out super late, but I'm also a night owl by definition. No matter the sleep schedule that I'm on (ahem, I'm talking to you, 7:30am to 4pm work schedule), I can always stay up until midnight or later. Certainly, I regret it in the morning, but I swear, my body is programmed that way. Anywho, we stayed out suuuuuuuper late, we dined at fabulous restaurants, got some relaxation time at the spa, and skipped our way through the city as a non-bachelorette bachelorette party. Or as Yvette was calling it, a divorce party. Hahahaha. (It was just for the sheer reaction of bar-goers.)

So, you wanna see some pictures from the weekend?

The bride. Isn't she just the sexiest babe backpacker ever? Haaa

FLASH TATS! The biggest hit over the weekend!

Our Air BnB was perfs! Just the right size.

I finally did it. I've been waiting to do Birks with socks for months!

Selfie! And weirdo Yvette sniffing Brandie's hair

Senior pics and, again, Yvette being weird way back there

Drinks on the sill


Jenny made chocolate covered strawberries! And Yvette. Ha!

Julie's 31st birthday on Saturday!

A subtle crown for the bride

She got to pick between two

Flower crowns all around

Get a Caesar the next time you're in Canada. JUST TRUST ME

The prettiest store in all of Vancouver
Cupcakes! A sweet midday treat

Double chocolate #duh


Doing Yvette's makeup Kim-Kardash-style (while sleeping)

The GORGE bride!! My fave pic of the night :)

Dinna dinna dinna time

The whole group!

Yvette even flash-tatted the server! Haaaaaa


Engagement's almost over, cookie

Just like Times Square, riiiiiight?

Julie's showing it's 4am with 4 very tired fingers (and some poutine)

Annnnnd brunch

Bye! The happiest picture from a very full weekend :)

So that's that! A super fantastic wonderful amazing weekend with some pretty sweet chicks. :)

Now. Onto outfit things. This week is Neon! I went simple and fresh with basic sweatshirt dress and a surprise pop of neon!

Dress: Thrifted (Target) -- $8
Shoes: Ipanema -- $20
Necklace: Betina Roza -- $40 
Outfit Total: $68

Pop! There's that neon!

The curls are cute short, eh? ;)