Friday, May 30, 2014

TGIF & I Mean That

I drank 3 glasses of wine at dinner tonight and thank goodness because I seriously needed it. Today was rough, you guys, and I don't even know if I could put my finger on why.

I went to bed annoyed last night & this skirt was an attempt to make myself feel better. Oh, who am I kidding? I already had this skirt picked out on Monday. I typically decide all my outfits for the week on the Sunday before. I swear, it's SO. MUCH. EASIER. In fact, I already have black & white week decided. I'm on top of my wardrobe game! It really helps when I'm half asleep in the morning.

In my photos, I'll be rotating through the same five poses on a regular basis. I only know about five ways in which my body doesn't look like a weird blob against that blue wall. 

PS - Have you seen my muscles lately? Ummmmmmmmmmm. Seriously bulging. Amiright?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Risky Business

Have you ever been in the fitting room at a thrift store (or anywhere, really) and, after trying on a questionable item of clothing, you've thought to yourself: "This is such a risk, but with the right shoes, I could totally rock this outfit." The skirt I wore today was absolutely one of those purchases.

Jason and I were in Quebec City, Montreal last summer during our EPIC road trip (you can read more about that here) and he agreed (just BARELY) to let me stop at this humungous, 5-story thrift store. 20 minutes, he said. Tops. I raced around the floors, frantic with excitement. We drove here -- IN A CAR --  so I could buy anything! Glass bottles, tennis rackets, strappy sandals, oversized men's tee shirts! They could all be mine!

In 5 minutes, I pulled about 15 items (no joke) off of the women's racks (plus a handbag or two) and proceeded to do my standard try-on-everything-in-front-of-a-mirror-in-the-middle-of-the-store-instead-of-a-shitty-cramped-dressing-room move. Pulled it all on right over the clothes. Right in front of all the people.

I found these amazing (handmade, I think!) butter yellow harem pants, a beautiful camel colored suitcase/handbag from the '60s (in perfect condition), and the unsuspecting skirt below. I don't think she knew I was going to buy her on that hot-ass summer day in July. But I did. And I love her. (Even if she is a few sizes too big and Jason hates her.)

Sometimes, risky moves in the dressing room (not like that! #gutter) can really pay off.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reusing the Old

It's skirts week. So, I decided to compose an outfit based on all "vintage" items. The beautiful raspberry blouse is thrifted from a local place, but it's (totally '90s) label says Nordstrom. The skirt is classic '90s from the Gap. (See that front slit hidden in the shadows? A dead giveaway!) Shoes: Thrifted. Goodwill, baby!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's Skirts Week!

The weekend was just what I needed to relax and unwind. I love that extra day! I also spent some time sending out a few personal, positive thoughts to those who have served our country (like my grandfather).

This week has been deemed a week for skirts. One of my colleagues decided on it and so it shall be!

Here was my pick for today:

It was my first time wearing this leopard print scarf (in mint!) and it absolutely ATE UP my neck, so I had to take about a zillion photos to get one that didn't look like my head was too small for my body. Isn't it weird how scarves can have the weirdest proportions?

In other news, I love these shoes SO MUCH and they just about to come apart. If you see a pair of beautiful, nude, patent leather, t-strap heels anywhere, let me know in the most immediate way possible. I am desperate for another pair. They are my favorite!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Little Seahorses

I don't know if you can tell, but this dress has tiny baby seahorses on it. It's my latest find from Goodwill, though it's actually from last summer's collection at Target. I could have done the matchy-matchy thing and paired it with a reddish-orange cardigan or shoes, but I think the piece does better (and looks more modern) with neutral accessories. I also love that it's just a tad bit of a hi-lo piece. See my little tail?

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Color in the City

This print dress is becoming one of my favorites. It's nearly the perfect fit and I JUST LOVE IT. Gah! When I look at it, I want to frolic in a beautiful green meadow. Can we all agree that it makes my boobs look SO GOOD? The perfect proportions. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Note on Dressing Creatively

You guys. To be perfectly honest, I don't love this outfit. But I LOVED the process of creating it. I thought: Hey, it's dresses week and I want to wear my new striped shirt. What should I do? Maybe I could throw it over a neutral dress and belt it? And so, a new outfit was born.

Perhaps it's not the MOST flattering shape for my figure, but hell! Fashion is all about finding what works for you. How can you possibly know what looks (and FEELS) good without a little experimentation?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's Dresses Week!

What's happening right now:

1) I'm making dinner and it's pasta and I am writing this fast because I have to go to the gym.
2) I'm doing this new workout program that's making me SUPER buff. (No, seriously.) 
3) It's making Jason super buff, too. (It's called the Lean, Sexy Woman Workout. Bahaha!)
4) I have wardrobe theme weeks at work (duh) and this week is all dresses, all the time.

I went for a casual, beachy look today, but amped it up with a sleek pony and red lips!

Alrighty, time to pump some serious iron. It's legs day! Rawr!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Today is the Day!

You guys. I have been wanting to do this fashion blogging thing for AT LEAST 10 years.

(Wait, blogging wasn't a thing 10 years ago? Well, I was writing down my outfits on a calendar when I was, like, 14 years old. If that's not style blogging before actual style blogging, then I don't know what is.) I've already written the overdone travel-to-Europe-for-a-few-months-blog thing. I've certainly done the whole I-just-moved-across-the-country-so-follow-my-blog thing. And we never quite finished the road-trip-around-the-whole-country-blog thing, but maybe we will...someday.

For so many years, I've been aching to do this thing called a style blog. A fashion blog. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. It sounds so trite these days, but I finally don't care! I literally have over 500 outfits cataloged on my phone from the last 3 years. I take a picture of myself every. single. day. Someone should see those #ootd photos, amiright? The desire to do this has pulled at me for years and years and years and I finally feel brave enough to do it.

So. Today is the day! Today is the day I start my style blog. Because, while I was in my swingy cobalt dress this morning, I thought to myself, "I look damn good today and I FEEL damn good today and I want everyone to know it. (And this outfit is so super cute. It's the perfect start for a style blog.)" So, today is the day. And I'm gonna call myself a style blogger. And I'm gonna make myself some business cards. And I'm gonna give them out. 'Cause this is serious business. I'm a style blogger, damn it!  

So, maybe you want to see today's outfit? Here it is in real time: 

My magnificent $10 dress from the Renton Goodwill. It's from the 80's and it's absolutely fabulous and I LOVE it. All it needed was a simple pair of nude heels and WHAM! It's back in action.

I'm doing it! I'm doing it! I'm finally fucking doing it! Hey Mom! It's me! Kelly! And I have a style blog!