Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Weekend

Alright. So, this past weekend was SO FUN. I felt like I really need to write about it so that I can remember it. Plus, it was my birthday weekend!

On Saturday, we spent all day running around the city to get chocolate chip cookies for my chocolate chip cookie taste test on Sunday with 8 of my most easily manipulated friends. ;) Our new favorite place (thanks to this crazy cookie gathering process) is London Plane in Pioneer Square. An amazing place!

Sunday was the day: The chocolate chip cookie taste test. It was a huge success and a huge disaster. A success in that we tried all 20 cookies and found 4 favorites. (We couldn't choose just one! There were too many winners!) A disaster in that we were all quite sick afterwards. It wasn't pretty. But it was my dream come true! So, it remains: A success and a disaster simultaneously.

Adrian's trying to pace herself

Jason and Cynthia are happy because it's the beginning

Annie's enjoying the milk and her color change straw

Lovebirds at a cookie taste test

Will's is the only plate that is empty so far

Thinking hard about the choices

The aftermath

Uhhhh, maybe not a good idea?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Aftermath

Phew! I'm back. What a whirlwind of a week! I love my birthday so much and I'm also ready to rest. I just can't pass up a good celebration!

I'll first post about last week (stripes!) and then post about this week (vests!) tomorrow.

Tuesday, I wore a pretty simple outfit. With a crew neck sweater, I like to wear a necklace -- either a statement necklace like the one below or a long geometric necklace that hits just under my boobs. It elongates my neckline and creates a leaner silhouette. Especially important with a more billowy top like this one! 

Sweater: H&M -- $20
Pants: Citizens of Humanity -- $180
Shoes: TJMaxx -- $30
Necklace: H&M -- $12
Outfit Total: $242

Jason's surprise date on Tuesday consisted of dinner at my favorite restaurant (Taste of India) and the Damien Rice concert (!!!!!!) at McCaw Hall. The only issue was that I already had Taste of India for lunch (wah, wah), so after dinner and the next morning, the results were...less than desirable.  But the night was SO FUN!

The moment of surprise! And my 2nd Indian meal in the back...

Damien Rice brought tons of people up on stage!

Wednesday was my birthday!! I had donuts and lunch with coworkers and a dinner with friends and sweet treats, and lots and lots of love. :) 

I made Jason stay up until midnight!

My sweet coworker bought me donuts! My fave!

My office mates decorated for me! (And bought me that donut pillow!)

Flowers from my parents. So lovely!

Dress: 8th & Main -- $30
Jacket: Wildlife Thrift (Gap) -- $10
Tights: Target -- $7
Shoes: Target -- $30
Outfit Total: $77

The dress is flowy, but the cropped jacket gives a waist.

4:22 on 4/22!

Many of my favorite people in one room to celebrate! And most wore stripes :)

On Thursday, I wore complementary stripes! Went all out. Went big. Went for layers. This jean jacket is gonna be a major staple in my wardrobe for many years to come...

Shirt is long, but jacket's short, so you're still getting longer leg line

I think more bulk at the neckline is better for this look

Blouse: Target -- $15
Pants: Gap -- $33
Jacket: Wildlife Thrift (Gap) -- $10
Boots: Frye -- $250 
Outfit Total: $308

The knee-high boots make my legs look super long

I went casual on Friday. Easy and casual. With a rose quartz around my neck. :)

Sweater: Target -- $30
Tee: H&M -- $10
Pants: Citizens of Humanity -- $180
Shoes: Target -- $30
Necklace: Crystal Tonic -- $30
Outfit Total: $280

Hair down

Hair up (same day)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Birthday Stripes!

My birthday week has officially begun! And it has started off with a bang. First of all, SO MANY PEEPS AT WORK WORE STRIPES TODAY. 'Cause today is Birthday Stripes Week! In honor of my 32nd birthday on Wednesday, 4/22. I love stripes. And I love my birthday. I love making a big deal of it, I love being hokey about it, I love putting myself out there and laughing about how ridiculous I am about it. It's such a fun time to celebrate!

Today, I chose an old favorite. I love white pants all the time (I don't believe in the "no white pants after Labor Day" myth) and I especially love them on 70 degree days. This shirt is SO COMFORTABLE and easy and overall, I find stripes to be extremely wearable and very low maintenance...which means that you don't have to do much to stripes to make them look good. Usually, I recommend 3 pieces to an outfit to make it look complete. For example: Pants, blouse, and a jacket for women. (Take a look back at my outfits and tell me that the ones with 3 pieces look more "put together" or "finished." I certainly think so!) Or slacks, a polo, and a sweater for men. But with stripes, you don't always need a 3rd piece. Much of the time, the outfit looks complete without that extra layer. See for yourself:

I like the sportiness of the outfit without a 3rd piece!

Shirt: Thrifted (BDG) -- $8
Pants: Citizens of Humanity -- $180
Shoes: Thrifted (Gap) -- $8
Outfit Total: $196

For the second part of my day, Jason brought me on a secret date. He's got 3 secret dates planned this week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I love this shit! Tonight, we went to dinner at one of my favorite Italian places in Seattle. Then, we walked (!!) to Greenlake Park and found ourselves at Chocolati Cafe to taste test some chocolate truffles. Then, we drove to Kerry Park which produces one of the most beautiful views of the city. I told Jason that the night encompassed some of my most favorite things: Eating, walking, super nice weather, taste-testing, chocolate, and late night making out! (Just kidding on that last one) And now, I lay in bed wondering what tomorrow holds.

My Instagram from today featured a cookies as big as my head

And so the taste test begins

The sunset at G-Lake was pretty gorge

Feets in the grass

Ummmmm, thanks Kerry Park