You guys!!! It's been a wild few months!

First and most importantly of all -- I am super famous. For reals!!

Here's a recap from my Facebook post:

"A few weeks ago, it was an ordinary Monday morning and I received an email from Colleen O'Brien, a reporter for KIRO Radio (a popular radio station in Seattle). She had seen the spoils of a recent thrift store styling session on one of my client's Instagram accounts and wanted to do a story on me! After several weeks of communication, she tagged along during a styling session with another client at the Goodwill in Shoreline. We did an interview, talked self love and compassion, pulled some pieces from the racks, tried on some winners (and some losers) and generally had a blast together!

Fast forward to Monday morning, April 18, during which I had one of the proudest moments of my personal career. While in Green Bay with some of my favorite people, I listened to the story air on live radio! We all cried. It was a glowing review of my styling session and my skills. Radio gold, as Jason calls it. And it ended squarely on my bottom line: Inspiring self love through fashion.

So basically: I'm FAMOUS!! Let me know if you want my autograph and/or if you want to shop with me. Cause I'm REALLY good. Srsly. Also: Ordinary Monday mornings can be little miracles waiting to happen."

Here's the KIRO Radio spot! Here's the My Northwest print article!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Living the dream! So happy!!


  1. I guess I should have gotten your autograph while I had the chance! LOL! Famous or not, I sure had a blast shopping with you. I now have a closet full of wonderfulness and a new appreciation for my body. You've really inspired me to be more adventurous and whimsical with my clothing, and now it's like a new love affair. With myself. You rock!

  2. Oh my goodness! What an exciting experience! How cool would it be to hear your own story on my radio? :]

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