Thursday, September 25, 2014

Equestrian Chic

Tonight, we saw Sam Smith in concert. Holy geez, he was amazing. That voice! Soulful, smooth, mesmerizing. He certainly has staying power. I was obsessed with him before, but now I'm even more in love with him considering his raw, effortless voice and sweet, pure presence.

I participated in Button Ups Week with a cute little play on equestrian:

Plaid and camel cords with boots is such a great fall look!

Shirt: Target
Pants: Gap
Boots: Frye

Au natural


  1. I am friends w your husband on facebook and saw your name and clicked your blog and fell in love! I am also a blogger (although mine is private) but I love your fashion~ fun and affordable! Keep up the awesome posts^^

  2. Thanks Tegan! I really appreciate your kind comments! :)