Friday, September 26, 2014

Hats in the Workplace

I tried something new today and I wore a hat to work. I didn't wear it into my appointments (that would just be downright distracting for my patients!) but I did wear it around mostly non-patient areas and let me tell was a hit! Why don't we wear hats to work? I mean, we don't need to wear hats AT work, we could just wear hats TO work! Just to spice things up if nothing else! And I wore this hat with a button down. Would you expect anything different?

I just played today. It was Friday! Case in point:

The regular. Aren't these shoes the BEST? They're comfy, too.
Shirt: Thrift 
Skirt: Thrift
Shoes: Target

The hat!

Top o the mornin to you!

It looks better with my eyes covered so you can see the whole hat

And again!

Heyyyyyyyy beach waves today

And the hat

Just playin with the b&w

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