Friday, September 12, 2014

Four Eyes

The glasses I am wearing today are not faux. Oh no, they are not. I wish.

In fact, during my annual visit to the eye doctor last spring, I discovered that I am legally blind. I was also told that my eyes are blue (in contrast to their actual color which is hazel). 

In any case, it's Friday and it's the weekend and I am soon off to a sweatpants dinner pool dance party (so confusing, I know) and thus the reason for my brevity. 

Neutrals Weeks is polished off with this number: 

A little geek chic for Friday

Showing a little ankle can go a long way for an outfit's sleekness

The neutrals work as a base for the leopard cardigan, glasses, & lipstick

With glasses on, putting my hair up is more dressy than down at my neck

Glasses look better with lipstick in my opinion

From the top down

The shoes are a risk with my short legs and the rounded toe (I usually go for a longer or pointier toe to make my leg line seem longer), but it works because the leg line is long with the shirt tucked in and the shoes are a nude color which doesn't stop the eye at the foot.

Happy weekend to you!

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