Monday, September 8, 2014

In Celebration

A few weeks ago, Jason and I had anniversary photos taken to commemorate 3 years of marriage. At first, Jason wasn't so sure about it, but I had a vision: Pioneer Square just before sunset. The city bathed in pretty, magic, golden light. Brick and cobblestone and ivy all around. Me in my (shortened) wedding dress and heels. Hair and makeup perfected. Jason looking dapper in his navy blue suit. A little scruff. A bouquet of flowers reminiscent of our actual wedding day. Some natural shots, some posed shots, some laughing, some kissing.

Well, judging by these sensational photos, I got exactly what I wanted. The shots are stunning. I'll let them speak for themselves:

The magnificent ivy!

My favorite.

Us being us. (Jason dancing, me growling.)

3 years! Hooray!

{Photos by Michelle Byer. Her work is unparalleled, filled with sweet emotion and playfulness.}

Changing gears, we've run right into Neutrals Week. Boy, is this theme a crowd-pleaser in the workplace! Everyone has plenty of neutrals in their closet: Grays, blacks, tans, navys, whites. It's just a matter of wearing them strategically with no color. A friendly challenge!

I was thinking I'd challenge myself and go for a monochromatic look, too. Just to make it a little bit more fun.

Shirt: Thrifted
Cardigan: Thrifted
Pants: J Brand
Shoes: Taos

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