Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Half Birthday Blues

Blech, what a rotten day! I drove Jason to work this morning and we sat in traffic for about 75 minutes. It was awful. I was ultra crabby since I got to work both hungry and late for a meeting. I very much dislike not being able to decompress after a commute. It really gets my blood pressure up.

The day progressed slowly. A headache developed. Some nausea came and went. I took a 10 minute nap at my desk to ward away symptoms. It sort of worked. I got freaked out thinking about the possibility that I have the flu. I think I'll get my flu nasal spray vaccine on Friday. For what it's worth.

I best be getting to bed. And to think: It's my half birthday today. Usually, I love to celebrate my half birthday. Not today. I wish today was over right now and I'm going to make it so. Off to bed to read fashion magazines and drift to sleep.

I'll leave you with my comfy outfit of the day:

Jacket: Target
Pants: Express
Shoes: Dansko

The cowl neck turns into a hood!

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