I'm in Love with Springtime

Spring delights me in the most exquisite ways. Stepping outside for just a minute or two, I'm left feeling inspired, motivated, refreshed, expanded, ALIVE! Spring's first warm breeze on my body is an unparalleled feeling. My first time going outside to find that it's the same temperature as inside: Pure bliss. The sweet, delicious smell of cherry blossoms and freshly turned soil and cut grass. Don't even get me started! Practically orgasmic.

The new buds on the trees. The tulips, daffodils, and crocuses pushing up from the damp earth. THE SUNLIGHT! The playful chirping birds, the bright azure blue sky, the increase of activity: All things I love about spring. I even get to see the faces of my neighbors!

Springtime also gently coaxes me: Eat outside, Kelly. Actually, why don't you just walk to a nearby restaurant so you don't have to do the cooking in that hot, stuffy kitchen of yours? It's much too warm for that. In fact, don't simply eat outside at a restaurant, but consume that delicious restaurant food for EVERY SINGLE MEAL of this beautifully alluring weather.

The sweetly persuasive season of spring! I swear, once the weather turns, I've got all eyes on burgers and salads and gyros and onion rings and nachos and ice cream and donuts and frappacinos, all eaten happily on an outdoor patio.

And don't even get me started on the drinks! My body wants allllll the rose once that sun is out. Not only rose, but margaritas and mojitos and spritzers and boozy lemonades. Hell, even the pina coladas are calling my name! And those are usually reserved for bougie vacations in Hawaii with my in-laws. 

But I can't complain. Nope. Can't complain at all. Over half of the country is still underneath a foot of snow and here I am: Lounging outside on my patio furniture in my bra and underwear, gulping down one of those expensive morning coffee drinks and writing my first blog of the past 2 years. The splendor!

Global warming notwithstanding, I am loving this gloriously warm spring week as an introduction to all that is to come: The Infamous Seattle Summer. Which for me, last year, meant floating topless on Haller Lake twice a week in an effort to unwind from the past nine years at job that I had quit in May. Hallelujah! #freedom

So, hello Seattle Spring. Welcome to 2019. There's a lot of crazy shit happening in the world. I hope you stay for a while.

Side note: Anyone else know how to rectify my ego's love for warmer weather with the fact that we are slowly killing the planet? I'd love any suggestions.


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