Sunday, August 17, 2014

Friday Night Fun

On Friday night, I went to the mall to shop with a friend (Side note: When did we stop going to the mall with friends? It's SO FUN) and proceeded to buy 4 pairs of shoes. Not just shoes...4 pairs of SANDALS. Why, in the name of all things good, do I need to buy 4 pairs of sandals as the summer is coming to an end? That being said, summer is coming to an end and sandals are on clearance, so even though it was a bit of money, I still came away with 4 pairs of good quality shoes under $200. So in my opinion, it was a win! Hashtag approved.

So, onto other things: The end of Sparkle Week is upon us! And here is what the closet gods have summoned for me to wear...


Shirt: Gap
Pants: PacSun
Shoes: Thrifted
Bow: Gifted

I think this outfit could have used a long necklace to break up the white

This shirt is a little long - I look too long in the torso

The back of this shirt is a cool heather gray

Up close and personal with the bow

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