Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All in the Name of Spontaneity

I woke up on Saturday morning to Jason asking, "Shall we road trip to Vancouver today?" Swift, unbridled, shrewd, adventurous: All traits I love about my sweet Jason and they shone bright this very morning. "Yes!" I replied, "Let's go for an impromptu trip!"

Have I ever told you how much I love road trips? There is something about the sunshine in my eyes, the iced mocha in my hand, the tunes blaring loud in my ears, the wind blowing through my hair... it all excites me to no end! Add to this the element of spontaneity?


We left in 25 minutes flat. I couldn't even believe my extremely fast shower and snappy packing skillz. (Though 2 years as a constant traveler will do that to you. What, what?! Raise the roof!)

It shocks me that we are so close to Canada and yet rarely venture there for a weekend getaway. We were to the border in less than 2 hours and in Vancouver proper just after 1pm. The city is a perfect blend of Europe and the United States, in my opinion. French joins English on most of the street signs and conversations in different languages can be heard everywhere. German, Russian, Polish, Japanese! It's all there for you to embrace. And it's beautiful. A lovely melting pot of all cultures and visitors along with the friendliest people in North America: The Canadians.

So, here is a little glance at our trip:

We walked around Granville Island.

The weather was perfect.

We took selfies at the marina.

We biked around Stanley Park.

And biked.

And walked and posed for pictures.

And ate the best gelato. (Salted caramel and espresso)

And that brings us to Favorites Week. You guys, we are in a week of extreme importance. In fact, we are downright CELEBRATING! This week marks the one year anniversary of Wardrobe Theme Weeks! Can you believe it? I mean, I know this blog is just shy of 10 months old (wow, that went fast), but I've been taking pictures pictures of myself for over 3 years now and doing these wardrobe weeks for a whole dang year. YES! I just love it. It makes me so happy and unleashes my creative powers.

So, for Favorites Week, I started off with my very favorite pants. On Jason's recommendation, I bought these pants in Savannah, Georgia during our road trip in 2013 and I've never looked back.

Shirt: Thrifted (Gap)
Pants: Boutique (Fab'rik)
Shoes: Taos

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