Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kilts and Flowers

Hi! It's Floral Week around here and I'm posting two outfits today!

Tuesday: A long kilt-like skirt that's a teensy bit longer than my knees requires a high nude heel to lengthen my leg line. It worked! I like my proportions in this look. The hair piece is a spin on Floral Week. I like the juxtaposition of the structured, pleated skirt (very classic) with the bohemian-like headband (very flower child).

Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Thrifted (Talbots)
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Headband: No idea

Wednesday: One of my favorite looks this year. Super simple and really chic. A basic (thrifted) floral-print blouse with a little padding in the shoulders tucked into a cropped harem pant. This outfit works because, although both top and bottoms pieces are fairly blousy, the tucking gives me a defined waist. If I didn't tuck the shirt, I'd look very large and straight all the way down instead of looking like my proportions are balanced. The pointed shoe keeps my leg line going long. I also chose to wear a long necklace to extend the look of my neckline without wearing a v-neck blouse. (It's a little trick: Crew neck shirts with long necklaces to mimic v-necks.)

See that lob coming out in this picture? Lob = long bob haircut

Blouse: Thrifted (vintage)
Pants: Loz Feliz (Aritzia
Shoes: Chinese Laundry
Necklace: Banana Republic

My neck always looks so sunken with those pads!

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