Sunday, April 19, 2015

All the Seattle Things

What a fun weekend! First of all, this is what I wore on Friday for the last of #lightitupblue. I've been wearing sneakers with all of my skirts and dresses (especially those above the knee) and it's been a really good transition from business and wintry to casual and summery. As with this outfit and many others, I like the contrast of the dress and the lipstick and the milkmaid braids with the tomboyishness of the nude sneaker. And the nude really makes my legline look longer, so it works even better than if I had on blue or gray sneaks.

Dress: Target -- $20
Cardigan: Thrifted (Halogen) -- $6
Sneakers: Old Navy -- $24
Outfit Total: $50

I was trying to twirl for the camera!

On Friday night, I went to the ballet with my dear friend Annie. Swan Lake by the Pacific Northwest Ballet! We had a girly date and it was SO FUN. Happy hour, walking, dancing, jumping, sipping, etc.

In the bathroom of Toulouse, we took a pic to show our sneaks

The sneaks again #yes

And a montage of our jumping shots to show our skillz

AND THEN, we went for a float plane ride on Saturday morning which was SO AMAZING... Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEE! (It's on Wednesday, but I like to celebrate for the whole month!)

JHerz was up with the pilot #lucky


We capped off the day with wine tasting in Woodinville which was super fun: 

Today, we did some MORE Seattle things...

The Seattle Great Wheel! I've been wanting to do it for so long!

Classic selfie

From underneath #duh

So rad!

Then, we went for a quick lunch in Pike Place Market (a balcony with rooftop views) before doing some house hunting. I needed a pina colada for strength and perseverance:

And then, we went for afternoon tea at Queen Mary Tea House in Northeast Seattle. I love that place so much and I have tea there nearly every year for my birthday. #32 is no different. :) 

Pinkies up!

The almost birthday girl

And finally, Gene Coulon park before some 8pm hot yoga. Phew! Long day!

There's more to come, I think! This is just the start of my birthday week! :)

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