Thursday, April 16, 2015

Light It Up Blue!

My brother was in town last night and we stayed out LATE to catch up! It was so much fun.

The classic tourist pic!


He was up for 22 hours and his eyes started to close as the night went on

Tonight, I went for a walk and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine. It was GLORIOUS!

Seattle is still blossoming

We like to call this river the Seine as if we live in the most desirable part of Paris

Ohhhh, the river walk

Ma view

This week, we're dressing in blue to honor Autism Awareness Month and #lightitupblue! I have a few days of outfits to share with you! Here's Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, respectively:

Sweater: H&M -- $7
 Pants: PacSun -- $30
Boots: Target -- $35
Scarf: Gift from a friend
Earrings: World Market -- $5
Outfit Total: $77


Blazer: Thrifted (H&M) -- $8
Blouse: Thrifted (Gap) -- $6
Pants: Citizens of Humanity -- $180
Shoes: Chinese Laundry -- $20
Necklace: H&M -- $10
Outfit Total: $224

I really love this combo


Sweater: Thrifted (Target) -- $6
Blouse: Thrifted (vintage) -- $4
Pants: Target -- $30
Shoes: Franco Sarto -- $60
Necklace: H&M -- $8
Outfit Total: $108

And NACHOS for lunch! Yeaherrrrr

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