Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Weekend

Alright. So, this past weekend was SO FUN. I felt like I really need to write about it so that I can remember it. Plus, it was my birthday weekend!

On Saturday, we spent all day running around the city to get chocolate chip cookies for my chocolate chip cookie taste test on Sunday with 8 of my most easily manipulated friends. ;) Our new favorite place (thanks to this crazy cookie gathering process) is London Plane in Pioneer Square. An amazing place!

Sunday was the day: The chocolate chip cookie taste test. It was a huge success and a huge disaster. A success in that we tried all 20 cookies and found 4 favorites. (We couldn't choose just one! There were too many winners!) A disaster in that we were all quite sick afterwards. It wasn't pretty. But it was my dream come true! So, it remains: A success and a disaster simultaneously.

Adrian's trying to pace herself

Jason and Cynthia are happy because it's the beginning

Annie's enjoying the milk and her color change straw

Lovebirds at a cookie taste test

Will's is the only plate that is empty so far

Thinking hard about the choices

The aftermath

Uhhhh, maybe not a good idea?


  1. I've actually already had not one, but two (TWO) choc chip cookies this week. Who knew the recovery time would be so quick??

    1. I almost don't believe you! My tummy is still a bit raw...