Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lots of Army Green

We're smack in the middle of Safari Chic Week and I'm roaring with the best of 'em! Yesterday, I put together one of my favorite outfits. A denim jacket ($10!) and mustard colored sweater ($8!) found at a Canadian thrift shop. Pair those with some standard Gap cropped slacks and my new Jeffrey Campbell Vinton mules that are so gorgeous I could die. Doesn't this look just say "I'm so chic and vintage and modern 70's and going on safari?" Ugh. Yes. It does. And those red lips. My goodness! I'm a genius. The cropped jacket works so well with the sweater and pants. It's just lip-smacking good.

Jacket: Thrifted (Gap) - $10
Sweater: Thrifted (vintage) - $8
Pants: Gap - $30 (on sale)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell - $130
Outfit Total: $178

This pic is SO Kelly Kapowski

 Today's outfit was more casual with a tunic sweater and a khaki vest. And I am just LOVING the sneaker trend right now. It's as if I can wear sneakers with just about anything! Yesssssss.

Jacket: Kenar (TJ Maxx) - $25
Tunic: Thrifted (Express) - $6
Leggings: Zella (Nordstrom) - $50
Shoes: Old Navy - $24
Outfit Total: $105

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