Friday, May 1, 2015

Vests Week in Full

This week was Vests Week! My boss had the idea for vests and so, we went with it. I'm up for anything, even the challenge of a vest every day! And it was a challenge. So, this is a good example of how to work creatively around dressing issues. And honestly, even if I don't feel great in all of these vests, I love this. I really do. I love the process of creating these looks. I think it helps me weed through my closet and think out of the box (one of the vests is Jason's) and pull out all of my clothes and use my brain in a different way.

On Monday, I wore a palate of jewel tones (look at that beauty of a skirt) and also Jason's vest. It's a bit big on me, but fits pretty well and it good for the purposes of that day. The only bad part about this outfit with the vest is that you can't see how small my waist is. So I took the liberty of removing the vest for a few photos.

Vest: Thrifted (vintage) -- $8
Chambray: Halogen (Nordstrom) -- $60
Skirt: Thrifted (vintage) -- $6
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell -- $130
Outfit Total: $204

See? It looks kind of better without the vest.

I wore a safari vest on Tuesday. One of the only true vests in my closet. I really like this look! I think it's easy and chic and comfy and effortless.

Vest: TJMaxx -- $30
Sweater: H&M -- $20
Pants: Citizens of Humanity -- $180
Boots: Target -- $35
Outfit Total: $265

There are flowers everywhere in this city!

The prettiest lattice in a home we saw as we house hunt

The rhododendrons are OUT and ABOUT

By Wednesday, I only had one more vest in my closet, so in an effort to stay in the game, I opted to wear a short sleeve jacket/blazer.

Jacket: Target -- $45
Blazer: Target -- $35
Shirt: Forever 21 -- $10
Pants: Target -- $30
Shoes: TJMaxx -- $30
Outfit Total: $150

I wore my final vest on Thursday. It was very 90s and chic. I love taking old looks and making them new again!

Vest: Thrifted (vintage) -- $5
Blouse: Thrifted (vintage) -- $5
Pants: Thrifted (Target) -- $5
Shoes: Macy's (Bandolino) -- $20
 Outfit Total: $35

I won an award at work and this is me fake accepting it

TGIF! Sheesh. What a week! It's been busy around here and I'm bout to go to acupuncture to bleed this shit out. (Just kidding.) My makeshift vest today is a sleeveless top that looks (and feels) very 60s. Quite honestly, I really didn't like wearing this outfit. It didn't feel cohesive enough for me. I didn't like the color palate and, even though it has a sense of fun to it, I felt it wasn't really my style. Ah well, you live, you create, you learn! :) Happy weekend!

Top: Thrifted (vintage) -- $5
Blouse: Target -- $20
Pants: Gap -- $30
Shoes: Converse -- $45
Outfit Total: $100

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