Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend in PA

On Friday, we finished up Sneakers Week. I wore a sweet pair that I bought at a thrift store a few months back. I call them my Husky Hi-Tops since they're purple and gold (which are UW colors). And I didn't even tie them 'cause I'm cool like that. I went with a really fitted slim skirt that hit above the knee because the shoes cover the ankle, so I chose to show more of the leg to look longer and leaner. I think it worked! It's a playful, punky look that was comfortable and easy. Perfect for a Friday.

Jacket: Thrifted (Gap) -- $10
Tee Shirt: Target -- $12
Skirt: American Apparel -- $36
Shoes: Thrifted (Aldo) -- $36
Outfit Total: $94

We spent the weekend in Port Angeles (Washington) with Jason's brother Michael, his wife Sydney, and their two kids, William and George. We had a great time! We did SO MUCH STUFF:

Flower selfie on the way

George needs a lift to see into the wild

Such a little sweetheart

The fam :)

You know, just relaxing (George was posed by Jason)

George is a professional

On top of the world! (or just Blue Mountain)

We got SO CLOSE to the wildlife

Mountain selfie!

The cutest explorer in the land!

Prettiest lunch spot EVA!

Such a sweet boy

Michael has conquered it all!

Georgie is all about the flowers

Me & Syd mid-jump shot

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