Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Tuck

Today is a perfect illustration of what tucking in will do for your figure. See these first few images? The shirt is not tucked in which makes my torso look long and my legs look short. But the last few pictures show my shirt tucked and it completely changes my proportions. Suddenly, my legs appear much longer and my torso looks shorter -- literally just by tucking in the front part of the shirt. (I let the back hang out.) And the best part is that you don't need a flat stomach to do the tuck! You just need a blouse that flows around your body; it should NOT cling to your body. Clinging (in the form of jersey cottons or knits and cheap polyester fabrics, for example) is the enemy. We want clothes to fit and flow and form to our body in the most flattering way possible, so it takes choosing a fabric that will not show dents and curves that we don't want to show. Keep this in mind when picking out clothes. Fabric goes a long way. (And so does the tuck!)

Top: Thrifted -- $10
Skirt: Thrifted -- $4
Shoes: Taos -- $160
Necklace: My mom's 
 Outfit Total: $174

Long torso, short legs again...kinda schlumpy

The shirt is not at the smallest part of my waist

Tucked! Legs suddenly appear like they start higher & look longer

Same. The tuck changes everything

I'm telling you -- you can create your own proportional figure

I'm off to Lake Chelan this weekend, so I'll likely do a quick post tomorrow night to finish up Sandals Week and then I'm out of town till Wednesday. See you soon! :)

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