Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Double Dip

It's so flipping hot in my apartment. I wish I was eating ice cream right now instead of blogging.

It's Sandals Week and it's easy to stay true to my theme allllll week. I didn't post last night, so I'm double dippin' tonight. (I just wish that double dip was an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. Yum.) 

 Blouse: Thrifted -- $3
Skirt: Thrifted -- $6
Shoes: Kohl's -- $25
Necklace: H&M -- $12
Outfit Total: $46

A cheap ring from Goodwill that turned my finger green

I went with a preppier look today. Full disclosure: I went to H&M last night to find shorts and I found way more, of course. I didn't even know I needed a classic blue button down (sleeveless, obvi), but it has filled a huge hole in my closet. I added a coral lipstick 'cause this outfit was feeling a bit too tennis club for my liking.

Shirt: H&M -- $10
Skirt: H&M -- $15
Shoes: Thrifted (DV) -- $8
Outfit Total: $33

Werkin' the 3 pieces like a boss

Oh the wrinkles!

Smokey topaz

That coral lip pops against the blue

My lunch date <3

She even wore sandals for Sandals Week!


  1. I love both of these look, that leopard skirt is awesome and the black sandals are so cute. Your sleeveless button down is something this prep could use in her life. I surprisingly don't have one. I can't believe your DV sandals are thrifted! I love the coral lipstick too. We must go thrifting soon.

    1. Thanks Asa! The button down is from H&M -- they have them now for sale! I went to the one in University Village. Let's go thrifting when we hang on the 25th! I'm looking forward to seeing you! :)