Thursday, June 4, 2015


Tomorrow is National Donut Day and I'm already feeling quite sad about not being able to participate. Or only being able to participate by smell. On the bright side, I feel great and I'm resetting my diet just fine over here! The adjustment has been quite splendid - easier than the last 3 times we've done it. But isn't that the same with everything? Gets easier the more you do it. It's also less of a big deal which is nice. Doesn't induce so much stress when someone's like WHAAAAAA?!?! You can't drink alcohol? You can't eat a sandwich? How about some ice cream? I'm all chill now like NAH. I'm cool. I'll just have my iced green tea with no sweetener and feel all good.

So, today is still a part of Hair Week and I am starting to realize just how bad I am at all of this hair business. I mean, overall, I'm just lucky that my hair manages to do what I want it to do on a semi-regular basis. But when I actually have to think about it? That's when I get into trouble. It was NOT doing what I wanted it to do today and I had to fly out the door (my vanpool comes at 6:35am on the dot). So, it is what it is. (I hate that motherlovin' saying.)

Dress: Anthropologie (on sale) -- $75
Cardigan: Thrifted (Benetton) -- $8
Shoes: Thrifted (BDG) -- $25
Outfit Total: $108

Not cooperating

That piece and those highlights: TOO MUCH

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