Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Breeze

I'll set the scene: I'm lying in my bed with the windows open so I can feel the warm summer breeze on my back and legs. I just took a shower and it's quite hot in our apartment, so the light wind feels extra nice. Jason fell asleep on the couch while watching a food documentary - his new thing. We're just finishing up with an elimination diet and starting to introduce foods back into our eating regime to see how our bodies react, so he's high on a nutrition kick.

I'm feeling contemplative, reflective at this time of night and this time of year. Spring is turning over to summer; what's fresh and new is becoming brilliant and vibrant and whole. Even though this happens every year (and seems to come around faster as I get older), it never gets old. Strawberry season, peony season, ice cream season, swimming season. The changing seasons never get old. Soon it will be Fourth of July and then fireworks and then farmers markets and then summer festivals and then nighttime barbeques on the beach and then celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and weddings and babies and then, suddenly, it's fall before we even know it. I don't want time to go any faster, but I marvel at how quickly time runs. Like Usain Bolt at the 2012 Olympics. But instead of getting slower with age, it gets faster. Tricky time. Sometimes too fast (kids growing up, days bleeding into weeks), sometimes too slow (waiting for the call to know if you got the job, waiting to see if you got that perfect house), and sometimes just right (excited for tomorrow's plans, but equally excited to sleep tonight). Tricky, tricky time.

I went to Seattle Fashion Week this weekend and did some other stuff. You wanna see? Here are some of my favorite looks from the runway: 

House of Halm by Maria Ham

House of Halm by Maria Ham

Elizabeth Jane Swimwear

Elizabeth Jane Swimwear

Julie Danforth Designs

Erika Bond: La Nouvelle Collection

Erika Bond: La Nouvelle Collection

Dream Dresses by PMN

You saw what I wore to the Thursday show. On Saturday night, I wore a black jumpsuit and blue heels along with a wash of bronze makeup: 

A bit awkward

I was really proud of this hair; it was a great twisted 'do

From the top (Jason was sleeping, so he couldn't snap a pic)

And from the front

Jumpsuit: Thrifted (Romeo & Juliet Couture) -- $15
Heels: Thrifted (Max de Carlo) -- $12
Outfit Total: $27

Okay, on to Wardrobe Theme weeks. Last week was Pride Week and we finished up by wearing blue on Friday. I choose a staple: My seahorse dress. One of my favorites! And while I acknowledge that my hair looks a little like whoa-she-got-a-spiral-perm-and-therefore-looks-like-she-went-from-30-to-65, it looked MUCH cuter in person. You just had to be there.

Dress: Thrifted (Target) -- $8
Cardigan: Thrifted (Benetton) -- $8
Necklace: Satya Jewelry -- Gifted
Shoes: Taos -- $160
Outfit Total: $176

See? Much cuter from the side

This week is African Prints! I chose this because 1) it's hot right now, 2) African prints are so hot right now, 3) I thought it would be a good challenge, 4) my coworker lived in Africa for 18 years of her life and I wanted to recognize her.

Top: Thrifted (F21) -- $3
Cardigan: Thrifted (Benetton) -- $8
Pants: Target -- $25
Shoes: TJMaxx -- $40
Sandals: The Rack -- $20
Necklace: H&M -- $6
Outfit(s) Total: $102

Changing up the look with a cardi

Changing again with some sandals

I was going for a mini faux hawk look

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