Thursday, June 18, 2015


This is one of my favorite shirts, but it's a bit difficult to dress. The drop seam on the arm creates the illusion that my shoulders are HUGE! So I went really slim on the bottom with a tight, short skirt and sandals to draw attention to my ankles. I also did nude sandals to make my legs look longer. Also, a note on color: The skirt and blouse do not match per se, but they are the same tone. As a general rule, if the tones are similar (jewel tones, pastel tones, etc) then the colors don't need to match perfectly.

Blouse: Vintage a la Mode -- $25
Skirt: American Apparel  -- $36
Sandals: Thrifted (DV) -- $8
Necklace: H&M -- $12
Outfit Total: $81

The colors don't match, but the tones do

We had a diversity celebration at work today and my coworker won a huge award for her advocacy and compassion for people and families with disabilities. It was a lovely day! Here are some photos of the BBQ: 

Peach bread puddin! I only ate a bit of the caramel sauce


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