Monday, June 1, 2015

Donut Week

Did you know that it's going to be National Donut Day on Friday? And so, this whole week is (supposedly) deemed Donut Week. Sadly, I am currently on an elimination diet and can not partake in the week's festivities. Buttttttt, perhaps that's for the best. I've been known to overindulge on donuts...from time to time. It's also too bad that we can't have a Wardrobe Theme Week that centers entirely around donuts. Or can we? Hm. Sounds like a pretty good challenge.

Anywho, it's Hair Week around here, so I hope you're trying some new things! I went with a side pony today which was surprisingly hard to pull together with my short(er) style. I let the curls be the main event and they really shone in this hairdo. 

Sweater: Thrifted (Nymph) -- $4
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity -- $180
Shoes: Birkenstocks -- $60
Outfit Total: $244

From the side

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