Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Retro No Go

I went for classic with my outfit today. I wanted to go a little retro, but the scarf I wanted to wear didn't really work, so ALAS! I did a classic look instead (with a retro eye). I love the rose quartz pendant with the crew neck dress. The neutral cardigan is a nice balance so it all doesn't look too black. Too black is boring in my opinion. My hair was supposed to be more reminiscent of pompadour, but it didn't quite work out. Hair Week is really giving me a run for my money! Makes me wanna step up my hair game -- there are so many fun things to do with it!

 Cardigan -- Thrifted (Benetton) -- $8
Dress: Old Navy -- $30
Shoes: Chinese Laundry -- $30
Necklace: Crystal Tonic -- $32
 Outfit Total: $100

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