Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Vitamin C Deficiency

Today, I discovered that I have very few orange pieces of clothing. I have one sweater (but I definitely was not about to wear that today) and besides that, all I have is coral! And this blouse: Not for work. It rode up on my belly all day exposing the little ring of chub around my middle (covered with a tucked in tank thankfully). Ha! Not super flattering to my figure and so, it's banished to the swimsuit cover-ups drawer. But let's talk about these sandals. Birkenstock knock-offs (I don't even know the brand as it's not printed anywhere on the shoe) and leopard print. Such a good combo.

Shirt: Target -- $12
Pants: PacSun -- $30
Shoes: The Rack -- $40
Necklace: H&M -- $6
Outfit Total: $88

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